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ALBERT STERNER (1863-1946)

STERNERS influence is seen in the works of both Rockwell Kent and George Bellows; he introduced each of them to the technique of lithography and put them in touch with the master printer/artist Bolton Brown. In 1915, Sterner rallied a group of printmakers together to raise the general quality of American prints. The founders of the Painter-Gravers of America included, along with Sterner, Childe Hassam, Bellows, & George Elmer Brown. He became a member of the National Academy, won a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1900; gold medal at Munich in 1905, a bronze at Buffalo Exposition in 1901, and Carnegie Prize in 1941. He was President of Soc. of Illustrators, 1907-09.

#270 Sterner stone signed lithograph, 10.75 x 10.25 in. Creased. $150.00

#32 Sterner, graphite on paper, unsigned, 9.5 x 10. Creases. Ask about condition. SOLD

#27 Sterner, lithograph signed in pencil, portrait of Max Eastman, 22 x 15.5, 1918. $150.00

#750 Sterner unsigned charcoal on paper, 9.5 x 8.25 in. $200.00

#30 Sterner lithograph, 15 x 10 in. $250.00

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